Many employers and Administrators of accounts may ask for proof of vaccination, and there is now a solution to manage proof submission on both the Administrator and the employee sides.

This feature will allow employers to internally validate whether employees have or have not been vaccinated. 

With this upgrade, vaccine types were added to your existing COVID-19 vaccine for Pfizer, Moderna, and Johnson & Johnson. Where it was possible to tell if a user had one of these vaccinations, we assigned them to that specific type. In instances where we could not tell, we created a “Generic” type and assigned the user to that. It is possible to move users from one type to another by editing their vaccination record.

Clear to Go also supports medical and/or religious exemptions for Vaccinations; to do this, create a new type of Vaccination labeled "exempt." This will allow the user to select this upon submission.

Vaccine Tracking

In order to use the vaccine submission feature, Vaccine Tracking will need to be enabled, via Your Name > Settings > Vaccines. There, you can also enable users' badges to show vaccination status. You will also need to have at least one vaccination active.

Please note: If you had vaccines prior to this update, the above switches will be automatically turned on; if you did not have vaccines, or deleted existing vaccines, they will be toggled off.

Submitting a Vaccination

To do this, users will look towards the bottom of their screen, and swipe to the Submit Vaccination card:

Through this, users can select the organization, what vaccine they are providing proof for, Manufacturer, doses received, and when the last dose was received.

After all of this information has been selected, users can attach a photo, either by taking a new photo or selecting one from their camera roll:

After hitting Submit, the user will receive this message, notifying them that the submission has been successful:

The user will also receive a push notification once the submission has been approve or rejected.

Once the submission is approved, the user will receive another push notification 48 hours in advance that the vaccine is about to expire.

Reviewing a Vaccination Submission

After an employee has submitted their vaccination, the vaccination will be available for review via the Vaccinations page (Your Name > Settings > Vaccinations). Users with the permission to Manage Vaccinations will receive an email alert that a user has submitted proof, and will be able to review the submission.

Here, the user selects the review button, and either accept or reject a vaccination submission.

Review the submitted photos, and select either Reject or Approve.

When a submission has been accepted, the employee will receive this notification:

When a submission has been rejected, the employee will receive this notification:

Dosage Report

Once a vaccine has been entered and users begin to submit vaccination proof, users with the permission to Manage Vaccinations enabled will be able to view and download a Dosage Report, located on the Vaccines page.

Here, all vaccine types and status can be viewed, as well as when the last dose was taken, how many doses were taken, and if there was a booster added. Managers can also see if an employee has all doses of a vaccine type, or if they only have some of the doses required.

Users can sort by Vaccine, Vaccine Type, and Person Type.

You are also  able to download a CSV file of the Dosage Report for your records, via the lower right hand corner.

Unvaccinated Report

Within the Unvaccinated Report, users can see who is unvaccinated within the organization.

Here, users can see the user name, location, group, and chose to view the employee profile.

Coverage Report

Within the Coverage Report, users with the enabled permissions will be able to see an overall view of vaccination coverage, sorted by location and/or groups.

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