For an added layer of protection and compliance, your organization can utilize a thermal temperature scanner to take users' temperatures as they arrive.

Compatible Kiosk Tablets:

Before Continuing:

  • Compatible kiosk tablet is obtained
  • Test Results are enabled under the Organization Settings.

How It Works:

1. User completes the screening process prior to arrival, as usual.

2. User arrives at the kiosk tablet.

3. User scans there CTG Badge on the kiosk tablet.

4. User places their forehead into the kiosk camera view port.

5. Tablet takes the users temperature and marks the users "Cleared" or "Not Cleared" based on the temperature recorded.

6. User's badge now reflects the result from the kiosk.

7. User is checked-in & enters the facility.

Kiosk Tablet Setup

This process can only be performed by Admin or anyone with permission to Manage Kiosks.

1. Click Locations tab

2. For the Location that the tablet will be placed, select Options > Manage Kiosks

3. Click Add Kiosk

4. Give the tablet a meaningful name, then click Create Kiosk.

5. Place the QR code provided from step 4 in the viewport of the kiosk tablet.


7. The Kiosk will confirm the linking, typically via an audible “Linking is complete 

8. Click Verify Camera

9. Verify that it's working by:

  1. Scan your valid CTG badge.
  2. Take your temperature on the kiosk tablet.
  3. A green check-mark should appear on the kiosk tablet.

10. Place the kiosk tablet in an appropriate location at the entrance to your facility.

11. Repeat this process for all kiosk tablets. Multiple kiosks can be associated with the same location.

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