Many state and county compliance regulations require that data be deleted after a period of time. If your organization is unsure, please check your local regulations.

There are two settings to allow the automatic deletion of data:

  • Health Screenings
  • Presence  

Either of these options can set the time period that your state or county requires. This can only be adjusted by an account admin or anyone with the permission Manage Data Retention. More on permissions.

Setting Automatic Data Deletion

To get to the Data Retention tab, go to Settings > Data Retention.


In this tab you will see a large warning on the right cautioning that this feature will delete data, as well as how our expunging system works.

In the center of the page you will see a Health Screenings menu, and a Presence menu.

In the Health Screenings menu, you can select how long you would like Health Screenings to be retained. If any data surpasses the time mark selected, the system will delete it in an overnight sweep.

This is the same for the Presence menu, but for the Check-In data. If any logged activity surpasses the time mark selected, they will be deleted overnight.

Expunged Log

Under the Compliance section of the Settings tab, there is also an Expunged Log tab. This is where a history of your deleted data will be stored. Please note that this is to show you what you have deleted, not to show you the contents of what you have deleted.

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