As vaccines become available and your users receive them, it's important to record this so your users' badges show which vaccines they have received.

Vaccination records can be added by creating any available vaccine you would like to track within your organization. Only users with the permission Manage Vaccinations will be able to add or modify the vaccine record.

Start by clicking your name at the top right > Settings > Vaccines

By default, a COVID-19 vaccine is setup with 3 default types: Moderna, Pfizer, and Johnson & Johnson with the below attributes.

If your organization would like to track COVID-19 vaccination exemptions, simply add a type named Exempt - 1 dose - an appropriate number of days valid - waiting period 0. 

Both your Dosage Reports & Coverage Reports will then explicitly reflect exempt employees.  

Create a Vaccine

Click Add Vaccine

Complete the following information:

  • Vaccine Name
  • Type Name
  • # of total doses
  • Days valid for
  • Waiting period length
  • If applicable, select Boosters and enter how often a booster is required

Click Save Changes

Manually Add a Vaccination Record

Users with permission to Manage Vaccinations & Manage Employees, Students, or Contractors can add a vaccination record by locating the user from the Employees, Students, or Contractors page > Edit > Health > Add Vaccination.

Select the vaccine name, number of doses received, upload documentation if needed, then click Add.

The vaccinations will then be listed and show the number of doses received, the level of vaccination (none, partial, fully, expired, or exempt). This can be modified by clicking Edit. To remove a vaccination, click the X under Actions.

User Experience

Allow your users to submit vaccination documentation via the mobile app.

If vaccination status is enabled to be displayed, the user's badge will display all available vaccines that have been created for your organization. It will show how many doses have been recorded, and the vaccine box will show green once that vaccination is considered fully vaccinated.

In this example badge, the user is:
1. Cleared to work via a test result.
2. Passed the daily screening.
3. Received the flu vaccine.
4. Received zero doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

Opting Out

For those organizations that need a way for their users to Opt-Out of submitting vaccination information, we now offer a solution!

By going to the Vaccines tab, users with enabled permissions can see a new toggle, which will enable or disable the Opt-Out feature.

Then, users will be able to select Opt-Out when submitting their Vaccination Information, via the mobile app.

Users can follow similar steps to how they would typically submit vaccination proof, but instead of selecting the vaccine type, they'd select "Opt-Out" and receive the prompt listed before submitting.

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