As vaccines become available and your users receive them, it's important to record this so your users' badges show which vaccines they have received.

Vaccination records can be added by creating any available vaccine you would like to track within your organization. Only users with the permission Manage Vaccinations will be able to add or modify the vaccine record.

Start by clicking your name at the top right > Settings > Vaccines

Click Add Vaccine

Give the vaccine a meaningful name, enter how many doses are needed, and how long the vaccine is valid for.

Click Create Vaccine

Add a Vaccination Record

Users with permission to Manage Vaccinations & Manage Employees, Students, or Contractors can add a vaccination record by locating the user from the Employees, Students, or Contractors page > Edit > Add Vaccination

Select the vaccine name, number of doses received, then click Add.

The vaccines will then be listed and show the number of doses received. This can be modified by clicking edit for each vaccine.

User Experience

The user's badge will display all available vaccines that have been created for your organization. It will show how many doses have been recorded, and the vaccine box will show green once all doses have been received.

In this example badge, the user is:
1. Cleared to work via a test result.
2. Passed the daily screening.
3. Received the flu vaccine.
4. Received zero doses of the COVID-19 vaccine.

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