It's important to know how your workforce and students are feeling. Workforce Pulse is a tool that provides a bird's eye view of the overall well-being of your employees & students. It can help identify areas of concern and help grow an organization of happy users. Users must use the mobile app in union with enabling this feature.

Start by clicking your name at the top right > Settings > Organization Settings:

Enable Workforce Pulse:

User Experience 

Once enabled, your users will have a new button on the home screen of the mobile app to provide their feedback. They can choose from Thriving, Surviving, Struggling, In Crisis. They can also enter text to provide details they may want to mention.

Click 'How are you doing?'Select your responseProvide details (optional) then tap Send

Admin Experience

From the home screen of the web site, select Workforce Wellbeing or Student Wellbeing from the Change Dashboard dropdown menu:

After your users have provided feedback, you will be provided with a graph that breaks down their responses.

You can filter by Location / Group and see all feedback at once broken down by Location / Group.

Hover your mouse over a section to reveal how many users reported a particular response.

In this example at the location Office, 42 out of 56 employees reported they were Thriving during week 5.

Users that have access to the Case Management page, will also have access to view the details of the feedback by clicking the Pulse button under the Case Management page.

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