It's important to keep your users informed and aware of new policies, upcoming events, cancelations, or simple reminders. This can easily be accomplished by using the Announcements page. Announcements are received by the user, similar to how they receive the daily reminder notifications to complete the screening.

Only users that have the permission Manage Announcements will be able to access this page. More on permissions.

Start by navigating to the Announcement page, then click Add Announcement.

Enter in the title and content of the announcement. Then select which type of user should receive the announcement. You can add rules to only send the announcement to particular users, or use no rules to send it to everyone.

Notice: You can style the content of your announcement by highlighting the text to reveal the style editor.

The text "New PTO Policy" has bold, underline, and the H1 header size selected.

Announcements can be sent immediately or scheduled for future delivery. 

Once complete, click Create Announcement

Note: You can only edit an announcement that is scheduled to be sent in the future & has not been sent yet. Once the announcement is sent, it cannot be edited.

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