One feature that allows employers to continue to ensure the safety of Clear To Go users: Test Results, which adds another layer of information to the badge system in place.

To enable Test Results in the Case Management system, go to your name in the top right corner, and click settings. From there, you will go to "Organization Settings" and enable Test Results.

Below is what the screen will look like, once employees start screening. Individuals with the Roll Call and Add Test Results permissions will be able to manually add Test Results as "Not/Cleared to Work," and what type of test was taken (Instant or Temperature).

Here, it is shown how long employees are clear to work for, as well as make edits to the test results and type, and add notes accordingly.

Editing a Test Result can also be done via the Employees Page, going to Edit an employee, and clicking the blue text under "Test Results."

Employee badges will now also look different with this feature enabled, and will show whether the employee is cleared to work, based on whether or not the employee has input test results or not.

Left to Right: No Test Results entered; Cleared to Work; Not Cleared to Work.

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