[School Name] will be using Clear To Go! to health screen students starting [start date]. It's only a few general wellness questions to ensure the safety of everyone. 

What do I need to do as a parent?

1. Check your email. Once your student's account has been created by the school you will receive an email.

2. Click the 'Set My Preferences' link in the email. This is asking if you will be answering the questions on behalf of the student or you will allow the student to answer the questions themselves. 

3. Click Save.

4. You have two methods to answer the questions. 

  • Email - This is the default method. Nothing further needs to be done. An email is sent each school morning with a link. Click the link to answer the questions.

  • Mobile App -  Download the app and sign in using your email or your students email. The app will remind you each school morning. Open the app and click 'Screen'.