[School Name] will be using Clear To Go! to health screen students starting [start date]. It's only a few general wellness questions to ensure the safety of everyone.

Once your student is added into the system, you will receive an email from support@cleartogo.co to set your consent preferences. Please follow that link and set your preference of who will be answering the questions; the student themselves or the parent on their behalf.

Once you've set your preferences there are two methods to answer the questions:

1. Mobile App:

  • Search your app store for "clear to go".
  • Sign-In to the app using the parent or student email address that this communication was sent to.
  • A push notification will be sent to the app each school morning to complete the screening prior to your student arriving at school.

2. Receive an email on your smartphone or computer:

  • An email will be sent each school morning with a link to click.
  • Click the link to answer the question prior to your student arriving at school.

That's it - it quick and simple.  The screening needs to be completed daily even if your child is well.

Thank you for helping us stay safe!