It's important to keep an open line of communication with the subject of a case. If the subject has downloaded the mobile app, they can report an illness and provide details. This will create an Active Case for them, and the line of communication is then opened.


  • Users must use the mobile app
  • Illness Reporting enabled from Organization Settings

Subject Reports an Illness

The user opens the mobile app and selects I'm Not Feeling Well button.

The user is then prompted to provide information.

Once the user clicks Send, a case is created. The case will include the information provided by the user. 

Conversation - Case Management Experience

When viewing a Case from the Case Management page, click Conversation.

You can then send a message to the subject. The case subject will receive a push notification to the app.

When the subject responds, the manager will get an email to let them know. Clicking the Conversation tab again will refresh the page.

Conversation - Mobile App Experience

Once the user has completed Report Illness form on the mobile app, they are taken to a list of their cases. Or they can click the Cases button from the home screen on the App.

They can then click the case with the red flag on it. This opens the communication view.

This allows them to communicate with the case manager, unload documents, and see their case progress and status.

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