The Scanner allows badges to be scanned as users arrive on-site without the need for an attendant to check them in manually. Most Apple and Android tablets/smartphones have the ability to scan the QR code on the badge.

Scanner Setup

1. Navigate to on the device that will be performing the scanning. Log in and click the name at the top right. 

2. Click Scanner.

3. Select the Location that the scanner will log the check-ins at.

4. Click Start Scanning.

5. You will then see the camera open. If you have multiple cameras (front or rear facing) you can select which camera to use.

6. Have the user place their badge inside the viewing window on the camera and center it within the square. 

7. The device will beep and the check-in is complete. The scanner can be kept open for the next user to check-in. 

8. To exit the scanner, click any button at the top of the page.

To setup a separate login for only this function:

1. Create a Scanner role with only one permission of Employee Roll Call.

2. Create a Scanner employee record with the role you created in step 1. Assign this employee record to the appropriate location it will be checking users into.

3. Log into the scanning tablet with the credentials.

4. Click the name at the top right > click Scanner > click Start Scanning.

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