Unique Identifiers
Email address
Cell phone number
Employee/Student/Contractor ID

Our system uses any one of these Unique Identifiers to find any student/employee/contractor record at a given time. 

If the Student/Employee/Contractor records are using more than one unique identifier, you can only bulk update one unique identifier at a time using the import function. 

Multiple unique identifiers can be updated when manually updating each Student/Employee record (e.g. not using import).

But what if the students/employees are only using one unique identifier and I need to perform a bulk update of that? Read below:

Bulk Update of One Unique Identifier Using Import

1. Export your Students/Employees into a CSV file. 

2. Create a new CSV file using the appropriate template, and copy the Students/Employees that need to be updated into the new CSV file.

3. Save the new file somewhere you can find it again. We will only be using this file to update the Students/Employees.

4. Discard the exported file with all of the Students/Employees; we won't need it.

5. Add an 2nd unique identifier; even if it's fake. This will only be temporary.

6. Import this file. This will simply add a second unique identifier to each student/employee record.

7. Open the file again and make the adjustment to the real unique identifier that needed to be updated in the first place. Save the file.

8. Import this file. We have now updated the original unique identifier.

9. Open the file again and remove the fake unique identifier we added in step 5. Save the file.

10. Import this file.

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