There are 3 basic steps to setup the Mobile App to complete the screening process.

1. Download

2. Link

3. Screen

These steps will be explained in detail below.

Download the App

The app can be downloaded from Google Play or the Apple App Store by searching for 'Clear To Go'. 

Google Play - AndroidApple App Store - iPhone

Or you can follow this link to download the app directly.

Link the App

1. Once the app is downloaded, it will ask you to link the app with your organization. You can link the app using one of three methods: Mobile Number, Email, My Employee ID. Clear To Go! recommends using Mobile Number to link. If you have issues linking with a method, contact your organization for which field should be used.

There are 3 types of users that use the Mobile App: Employees, Contractors, Students, Parents of Student. Find the type that best fits you. 

Employees/ContractorsStudentsParents of Students
Use the Mobile Number or Email on your Employee record in the Clear To Go! systemUse the Mobile Number or Email on your Student record in the Clear To Go! systemUse the Mobile Number or Email of the Parent/Guardian listed on the Student record in the Clear To Go! system
If you are unsure what Mobile Number or Email is listed on the account you are trying to Link to, please contact your organization directly.

When linking using mobile number or email, the user will be asked to enter a verification code. That code will be sent to the user via SMS text message or email depending on the method they are using to Link their account. Enter this code into the App to complete the linking process.

Once linked, you will see a message that shows 'Linked Successfully'.

2. It will then prompt you to set the Location Services permission for the Mobile App. Some organizations are using APD (Automatic Presence Detection) to log arrival and departure times of Employees/Students. Some organizations are not. Ask your organization if you need this permission enabled for the app.

If they ask you to enable it, be sure to select 'Allow all the time'.

If they are not using APD, you may select 'Deny'.

More on Location setting for your phone:

Selecting the Location icon on the lower left will show which Locations you are assigned to that are also using the APD Location features.

Screening Process

Once linked, you're ready! Your organization will send out regular notifications to remind you to complete the screening process. When the notification is sent, you will see a Push Notification from Clear To Go!

1. Open the app and select Screen

2. You will see the organization name with an empty dotted circle. This indicates a screening has not been completed. Select the organization name to being the screening.

Example of Employee screening pendingExample of an Employee screening and the Student's Screening both passed. This person screens themselves and their child Isaac at school Acme.

3. Once you've answered all the questions, you will be given the opportunity to review your answers. If they are accurate, select Submit. You can change your answers by selecting Revise and restart the screening process.

4. Upon completion, you will see a result. Non-passing results may be Failed Exposure, Failed Symptomatic, or On-Site Screening Required. Follow your organizations instructions for these results. 

If your result is Clear to go! you will receive a green badge showing that you've passed. This badge can be shown to personnel upon your arrival to verify that you have passed the screening. 

On the badge is a QR code. If your organization is using a scanner to check employees in/out, that code can be scanned upon arrival to your organization to check you in.