When a Student is added with parent(s) information included, the parent(s) will receive an email from support@cleartogo.co informing them that their student will be required to screen on a regular basis. Parental consent must be obtained. They will be provided a link to set their Screening Preferences. 

Following that link will take them to their Parent Preference Forms. The parent can view the questions asked. They can choose to allow the Student to complete the screening process or choose to complete the screening process for the Student. 

The parent then Save Changes.

If they choose to screen on behalf of the Student, they can also choose which parent is notified of the screening; if there is a second parent on the Student record.

In the above example, notice that Joe & Suzy Smith have two children. The parent will perform the screening process and both parents will be notified to screen both Students. 

If a student is expected, but not listed, they will be advised to contact the administrator of the Clear To Go account.

The parent can then download the app and link the app using the appropriate email address associated with the student account. How To Use the App

If they choose not to download the app, they should expect to begin receiving an email on a regular basis to complete the screening process. 

Verifying Parent Consent

The parent's preference can be viewed from the Students page.

Notice that Billy Smith's parents have not responded to the email they received. Also notice that Charles Woodson's parents have choose to allow Charles to complete the screening process. 

Select Edit on a Student and you can see the parent preferences on the left. Their preferences can also be edited by clicking View Joe Smith or View Suzy Smith. They can change who will complete the screening and which parent gets notified. 

Note: Upon adding a Student or Importing Students, an email is automatically sent to the parents with the link to set their preferences. This email can be resent at anytime by clicking Options -> Resend Student Onboard.