The Roll Call page is a 24-hour view that is used to check in your students / employees /contactors when they arrive for the day. If using a Scanner to scan badges, this page will reflect that.

Start by navigating to the Roll Call page.

You can cycle between the Employee/Student/Contact roll call from the top right:

On this page you will see a list of your users . For each person you we can see if they have screened for the day, their result, and whether or not they have been checked in.

You can search this page for a particular employee. You can also filter this page by Group, Location, and Status.

Performing Check In's

  • When an someone arrives for the day, the person responsible for checking them in will be able to see if have successfully screened for the day.

  • If the person has screened for the day, and passes any onsite requirements(for example a temperature check) for their organization, the employee can check them in by selecting the Check-In Location (1) then clicking Mark Present (2).

  • Once they are checked in, the employee's section will turn blue. This indicates that person is on-site. You will be able to see the time they were marked as on-site.

  • If the someone has passed the screening then arrives and either fails the onsite requirements, or needs to be marked as failed for any other reason, they can be marked as Onsite Fail by clicking the red button.

  • If an someone arrives for check in who has not completed a screening for the day they will show up as grey with red "Not Yet Screened" text. In this case the employee can click the white "Screen Onsite" button. This will pull up a web form with the questions for your organization. The administrator will ask the person the questions and mark the answers on their behalf. If the screening is passed, they can proceed to check them in as normal.

  • When an employee is still on site and their Screening has expired, they will still be blue (indicating they are on-site), but you won't be able to check them out. They should screen again before being checked-out.

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