Automatic Presence Detection (APD)

  • Users may now be checked in/out using the location services on their smart phone.

Important Change to Importing Employees & Students

  • You can now add/remove from Locations / Groups while importing
  • Template update for Student, Employees, & Contractors
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New layout

  • Settings will now hold the Billing, Groups, Visitor Types, Role, Screening Questions, Screening Schedules, Open Case Screening(New!), and Notification Log(New!).


  • From the Screenings view, the user can now sort by Group, Location Shift, Result, Date Range. The list can then be exported.
  • You can now restrict a user from screening again after a failed result occurs. Show me how!

Open Case Screening

  • As just mentioned, you can now prevent a user from screening a second time after they fail.

Notification Log

  • You can now see a log of the notifications that are sent