Clear To Go supports automatically checking in and checking out your staff. To use this feature there are three things to do:

  • Enable Geofencing for one or more locations and set the geographic region to monitor.
  • Assign employees to those locations
  • Employees install the app and opt-in to background location updates.

Once those three steps are complete, Clear To Go will automatically track who has entered and left your building. You’ll be able meet your compliance needs without a manual process. Clear To Go does not use location data outside of those specific locations. Only when a person enters or exits one of your locations do we obtain location data.

Enable Geofencing

1. Navigate to the Locations page

2. Select Edit on the Location you want to enable Geofencing

3. Select Enabled on the Geofencing setting

4. Use the map interface to set the boundaries that best fit your facility. This may need to be adjusted depending on the size and arrangement of your facility (parking lot, entrance door, etc).

5. Select Update Location

Assign Employees to the Location

1. If an Employee is not assigned to a Location with Geofencing Enabled, they will not be automatically checked in or out of that Location.

2. Navigate to the Employees page and ensure all appropriate Employees are assigned to the appropriate Locations.

Please Note: An Employee can be assigned to multiple Locations that have Geofencing enabled.

Opt-in to Background Location Updates

The Clear To Go app will only track your location as you enter or exit the defined boundaries set for the Location. Your location will not be tracked outside of the define boundaries.

Location Services must be enabled on the users device to allow the Geofencing detection to work. Below are links for a good starting point to ensure these services are enabled. Location Services for the app must also be set to 'Always Allow' in order for the system to work.

Android: In an effort to reduce power consumption, Android 8.0 and higher limits how frequently background apps can retrieve the user’s current location. Apps can receive location updates only a few times each hour if the app was not recently active. 

Employee Experience

The Employee will receive a notification on their phone that they have been Checked-In / Checked Out from a particular Location.

Example of the user leaving the Fabrication Shop:

Example of the user arriving at the Office:


Additionally, employees will see details on what locations Geofencing is turned on for by tapping on the location icon in the bottom left corner of the app:

Here is an example of someone with Geofencing turned on for two locations they work from:

Manager/Admin Experience

The timestamps are then reflected on the Roll Call page, Location Activity Report, and the Team Leader Dashboard: