CTG provides a set of questions for screening. This questionnaire can be customized to fit the needs of the organization. This questionnaire will be sent to all Employees/Students/Visitors/Contractors.

Modifying the Questions

1. Click your name at the top right of the screen, then select Settings

2. Select Screening Questions

3. Select Edit. From there you can add/remove questions, add/remove answers, and modify the text of the questions/answers as you see fit. Select how long you want the screening to be valid for (Example: if the questionnaire is valid for 8 hours and Bill screens at 7:00am, his badge will expire at 3:00pm).

4. Once you are satisfied, select Publish Version.

Separate Questionnaires

If a separate questionnaire is needed, you can select Duplicate and adjust the questions and answers. This duplicated questionnaire can then be set to a location or who it applies to. This questionnaire will then only be sent to those that fall under that category.

Please Note: Currently, if there are multiple questionnaires with apply to All Locations/Groups settings, then the most recently published questionnaire will be used to screen, regardless of the Published Version.

Questions? Email us at support@cleartogo.co