The Dashboard is the first page users are taken to when the log in to the Clear To Go! web application. You can also navigate there from anywhere on the website by selecting the Clear To Go Logo on the upper left of the screen. It is your one stop shop for getting an overview on what is going on at your organization. 

The Dashboard is divided up into four sections. On the top right is Participation Rate, this chart will show an overall percentage of users that have screened over the last week. Hover your mouse over the graph to get the %. When the bar shows green, you know your organization is Clear To Go! 

Second is Last 30 days, this gives you a snapshot of how many cases of each status that your organization has over a month period. 

Third is New Cases, this section displays information on all cases marked with the "New" status, and lists them newest to oldest. Selecting on one of the cases listed in this section will take you directly to the Details page for that case. 

Our last section is the Locations section. This section is similar to Last 30 Days but broken down by location. The total number of cases associated with each location in your system will be displayed here, broken down by case status. Clicking on a Location will take you directly to the Location page. 

The Team Leaders dashboard can be accessed from the dropdown menu, by selecting Team Leaders at the top right of the screen. 

The Team Leaders page will allow you to see the screen status of your organization's screenings day by day. If needed, you can choose to only see screen status' by Group, Location, or Shift. Users that have not yet screened are sorted to the top of the list.

This listing shows the Employee's Location, what device they are using the screen, the time the screening was completed. However this does not show the results of the screening, yet simply that the screening was completed indicated by a green "Screened" icon. To see the results of the screening, navigate to the Roll Call page.

The Case Totals page from the Dashboard shows a total count of cases with the counts of active cases and the diagnosis method. This page is updated every three hours.

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