Many organizations have a need to screen and store records of people that entered/exited the facility and when. A visitor is neither an employee, student, nor contractor. Visitors can be scheduled prior to their arrival. The visitor will get a notification to screen at the time they are scheduled to arrive. Visitors can also be unannounced and unplanned. Click here for How to Handle Unannounced Visitors.

How to edit your visitor types

How to Schedule Visitors:

1. Navigate to the Visitors page.

2. Select Invite.

3. Fill in the Form, being sure the Location is set properly.

4. You can choose and Date / Time for the Visitor. The Visitor will be notified to screen at the time you schedule them.

5. To invite a Visitor same day, leave the Day of Visit field: Today. 

To Invite them at a later date, Select the Day of Visit field and choose the date they are scheduled to arrive. You can then choose a time:The visitor will be sent a notification to screen at the date and time you choose. If the Day of Visit is Today, the visitor will be notified immediately after you select Send Invite.

6. Select Send Invite

Scheduled Visitors can then be viewed from the Visitors tab, then selecting Scheduled

7. Once the Visitor completes the screening process, you will see their results and will be given the option to Check them In upon their arrival. You will then get the option to Check them Out upon their departure.

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