1. Navigate to the Employees or Students or Contractors page. In this example we will import Employees, but the process for Students and Contractors is the same.

2. Select Import.

3. Select Download Required CSV Template.

Please note: Employee, Student, and Contractor templates are all different. Be sure you are downloading the appropriate template.

4. Open the file in Excel or Numbers and fill in the all information:

Please note:  The minimum required fields that must be populated are First Name, Last Name, Role (for Employees), Location and a unique identifier: one of Student/Employee/Contractor ID, Cell Phone, or Email. Note that if neither Cell Phone or Email are provided, the only way for a user to receive daily notifications to screen is to use the mobile app.

For Students with no email address or phone number, those fields can be left blank as long as the Student ID field is populated. Students that are siblings cannot share the same Email / Phone. Students that are siblings can share the same Parent/Guardian Email and Parent/Guardian Phone.

Also Note: You can create Locations/Groups as you import. If the Location/Group on the import file does not exist, it will be created by the name and assigned to that person. You may need edit this Location after the import. 

5. Save the CSV file. Be sure to keep the CSV format when saved.

6. Return to the Employees / Students / Contractors page and select Import.

7. Select Choose File.

8.Navigate to where your CSV file is save and click Open.

9. Select Import CSV.

10. You will then see a screen showing the status of the import. Depending on server workload, you may need to click Reload  and you will see confirmation of the import with a list of successfully and/or failed items.