An issue was found for users of the App on the iOS devices. Once the app was installed, then uninstalled, our system cannot recognize this. The user would then not be able to receive notifications via SMS or Email. This issue has been resolved by adding a Clear iOS Devices button to the Employee screen. This will reset all associations with that user's iOS device. 

Once the user's iOS Device has been reset, that user will then need to reinstall the App in order to continue receiving Notifications via the App. If the user would prefer to not use the App, they will continue to receive Notifications via SMS or Email with no further action needed.

How to Clear iOS Devices

1. Navigate to the Employee or Student page and locate the user that is having issues with their iOS Device.

2. Select Options, then select Clear iOS Devices

3. You will then get a prompt asking if you are sure you want to do this. Once the iOS Devices are cleared, the user will need to uninstall then reinstall the App if they want to continue receiving Push Notifications via the App as well as Link the app to their account.

4. If the user does not want to continue receiving Notifications via the App select OK. Nothing else needs to be done. The user will then default to SMS or Email.

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