The functionality of using a .CSV file to bulk import student/employee records will change to better meet the needs of the user.

Under the new configuration all of your student/employee records will directly reflect the .CVS file you upload. Going forward, in order to ensure accurate information for your records, it will be necessary to export your records first.

  1. Export to .CSV
  2. Open the exported .CSV file
  3. Edit that file
  4. Importing that file. This will maintain all information without risk of data loss.


Jacob created a .CSV file to import 100 employees into the system. He wasn't certain what Groups each employee would belong to so he left them blank. He saved that file in case he needed it later. 

A week later Jacob created multiple Groups/Locations for his employees to belong to, and manually assigned each employee their appropriate Locations/Groups, one at a time, as he saw fit. 

*This information is not on his saved CSV file* 

A month goes by and his company changes email information, so Jacob opens the original .CSV file and changed all the employee's emails accordingly. He imported the file, but now all his employees no longer belong to a Location/Group. It was still left blank on his original .CVS file.

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