Visitor Management

  • As a convenience, you can now easily re-invite visitors back on site. This copies a visitor entry and allows modification before sending.
  • You can now classify visitors. Three default types are provided. You can change and add your own.
  • You can now print visitor badges.
  • Visitor management now focuses on the current days visitors.


  • You can now add different screening questions:
    • Agreement - Present a terms to a user for acceptance
    • Multiple Choice - allow users to select more than one option
    • Video - Present a video a user must watch before continuing
    • Text - Collect text content from a user.
    • Numeric - Collect a numeric value from a user.
  • You can now create different screening questions for different locations and person types.
  • NOTE: For the time being, these questions are only supported for Visitors via SMS and Email. Support within the mobile apps will be coming soon.


  • Fix inaccurate case counts on the Team Lead and Executive dashboards