Spanish Language Translation is now live:

  • The Clear To Go! platform now supports Spanish language localization. Please reach out to the Clear To Go! team if you are interested in activating this feature on your account. Once activated you can add the Spanish translations to your questions on the Screening Questions page. Users with Spanish language settings on their phone will automatically receive those questions when it is time to screen. 
  • For more information, please see our Spanish Support FAQ.

Export is now live on the Employee and Student pages:

  • Users can now export their lists of either employees or students by navigating to their respective page, scrolling to the bottom of the screen and hitting "Export"

Numbers are now live for list views:

At the bottom of your list view on each page (Employees, Locations, Screenings, Visitors, Students), you will now see a total number. This number will update based on searching and filtering to show the total showing in the list.

Duration of a valid screening is now editable:

Users can now set how long a screening will stay valid for each of their Locations. Within the Location edit or creation page use the "Screening Valid For" selector to swap between 18, 12, or 8 hours.