The Case Management page is for keeping track of all of your past and current cases and screenings. Users with the "Manage Cases" permission can access this page at any time by clicking the Case Management tab on the top left of any Clear To Go! page. This page also gives access to view all screenings and the ability to create a case manually.

Once on the Case Management tab you can easily swap between your New, Active, and Closed cases via the Cases filter. Case can be filtered by Person type, Group, Diagnosis, or Location. You can also view the details of each case by clicking anywhere on the case.

The Case Details section displays the users information. You can set a follow-up date to remind personnel when the case needs to be reviewed/updated again. Once the follow-up date is today the case text turns red and an email is sent to Case Managers reminding them to follow up.

Note: The red text indicates the Case needs to be followed up on.

Clicking on View Screening in the lower right shows how the user failed the screening process.

The HistoryDocuments, and Contacts section allows a case manager to add notes and comments about the case, while the Documents section allows the user to upload any relevant documentation. For example, doctor's notes or test results. Contacts are used to list individuals within your organization that relate to the case. No notifications are sent to these contacts regarding any changes with the case. 

Clicking Update Case gives the ability to update the Case Status, Case Opened Date, Progress Status, Diagnosis, Location, and Subject Status.

  • The Case Status tracker is what determines where the case shows up in the system. All cases will start as "Newly Detected". Once an administrator begins tracking the case they can mark it as "Active" and eventually "Closed". For cases that were created in error or for test purposes, the user can mark them "Closed Invalid" to remove them from the system entirely.

  • Progress Status allows a user to adjust the blue bar at the top of the page, as the subject moves closer to being cleared.

  • Diagnosis can be adjusted to reflect how the Case was created.

  • Location is adjusted to reflect which location might be effected.

  • Subject Status can be adjusted to reflect how the subject is feeling.

  • Work Status/Presence reflect if the employee is working remotely or not working at all. 

Viewing Screenings

From the Case Management tab users can also access a full list of the screenings in their system. From the Case Management tab click Screenings on the top right.

Once on the Screenings page the user can search for specific screenings, or use the filters in order to narrow down which screenings show up in the list. Users can also export this list at any time by clicking the CSV button at the bottom right of the screen.

Screenings can also be exported on a regular basis using the Link button. More on this feature.

Creating a Case

Sometimes there is a need to create a case manually. Perhaps an employee calls into work to report an illness. Perhaps symptoms started prior and the Start Date of the case needs to be in the past. A case can be created by selecting Create a case at the top right.

Fill in the form with the appropriate information and click Create.

The created case will then be listed under Active cases.