Groups are your way to further classify employees based on your organization structure. A replacement for Departments, Groups allows additional flexibility and adds security features to allow admins to isolate user information based on these Groups.

Non-Basic users that do not have enabled permissions of "All Employees", "All Locations", or "All Groups" will only be able to see information for other users at their location and within the same group as them.

This allows admins to restrict the information a manager can see to only their direct reports.

You can start creating Groups by either using the import tool, or creating them independently.

Create a Group Using Import

Simply pick a name for your group, and add it to the "Group" column on your import template. If you want to add a user to multiple Groups, simply separate your Group names with a comma.

Below we are creating the Groups "HR","IT","Billing", and "Sales". One of our users is associated with both "HR" and "IT", while the rest will be assigned to one Group each.

Create a Group Individually

1. Click on your name on the top right of the screen and then Settings

2. Then select Groups

3. On the Groups page you can create a new group or make edits to an existing group. To create a new group select Add Group.

4. Type in your group name, select Create and your group is created.

Once you have created a group, it will show up in a list on your Employee/Student/Contractor page the same way Locations do.

You can assign or revoke a Group at any time by clicking the checkbox and selecting Update Employee.

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