Follow this step by step process to help you complete your set up for the Clear To Go! student athlete "Roll Call" feature. This process is meant to be used with a Clear To Go! organization account that has already been set up for employee use. For info on initial set up on the system please see our Clear To Go! Setup checklist.

Creating your faculty in the system: 

Setting faculty Permissions: 

  • Depending on the needs of the school users may want to create custom permissions for teachers or other faculty in order to check in and manage students. To allow your teachers to manage the student Roll Call they must be given a role with the “Manage Students” and "Student Roll Call" permissions. Either select an appropriate role when creating them as an employee, or hit edit on the “Employees” page to change their role at any time. 
  • Please Note: By default, only Admins and Managers will have this permission. For more info on setting up roles please see our Roles FAQ.

Create your athletes in the system: The next step in the set up process will be to add your athletes into the system. You can do this via mass importing or adding students individually. Both mass import and individual additions can be done on the "Students" page.

Mass Importing Students

  • Clicking on the Import button will prompt you to download the attached CSV template.
  • Open the file in Excel or Numbers and fill in the following information:
    1. Location Name
    2. Email
    3. First Name
    4. Middle Name
    5. Last Name
    6. Cell Phone
    7. Student ID
    8. Home Address
    9. Birthdate
    10. Parent Guardian 1 Phone
    11. Parent Guardian 1 Email (if present, parent will be notified)
    12. Parent Guardian 1 Name
    13. Parent Guardian 2 Phone
    14. Parent Guardian 2 Email (if present, parent will be notified)
    15. Parent Guardian 2 Name
    16. Home Room
    17. Section
    18. Grade
    19. Teacher
    20. Groups(Groups can be used to organize by department, team, class etc)
    21. Consent Given (if "true" or "yes", consent will not be requested from parent)
    22. Consent Given By
    23. Removed(fill this in with "true" or "yes" to deactivate a student, leave this blank otherwise

Please Note: In order to add an employee into the system the only thing needed is Email, or Student ID. However, without a location and name the users screenings will not populate on your pages correctly, and without a Parent email, the parental consent form will not be sent.

  • Once filled out, This CSV can be uploaded by clicking the "Import" button.

Adding Students Individually

  • To add students, manually hit the “Add Student” button and fill in the above information. Hit “Create Student” to save the addition.
  • Once your students are added they will show up on the "Roll Call" screen, organized alphabetically and by Group.

How Students Screen:

  • Once you have added your students to the system you can set up scheduled screening notifications on the "Screening Schedules" page as normal. For more info on setting screening schedules please see our setting screening schedules FAQ. Students will be alerted to screen via either email or mobile app alert.

Please Note: By default students do not receive SMS message screenings.

  • You can also do on-site screenings when the students arrive.
    1. Hit "Screen Onsite" next to the appropriate students name.
    2. Ask them the questions and answer on their behalf.
    3. Once they are Clear to Go! that will show on your "Roll Call" dashboard.

Student Check In:

  • On the "Roll Call" dashboard, coaches will be able to see a list of athletes and whether or not they have screened.
  • For athletes that have not screened, coaches can follow the on-site screening process.
  • Once an Athlete has screened they can report for a temperature check. If they pass, the coach will mark them as checked in, if they fail the coach can manually mark them as failed.

On-site Registration: Sometimes a student that was unexpected, and not in the system for whatever reason, may arrive at school or practice. Our unexpected student check in handles this situation.

  • To start this process you will print signage for each of your group. This signage will allow visitors to scan a QR code and enter information to send themselves a screening link for that group. To access these signs the user will navigate to the "Employee" tab and hit "Print a Sign" in the options under the list of students.
  • You will be taken to a page showing an image of the sign. Configure your sign by selecting the appropriate Location and Group.
  • Connect to a printer and hit "Print This" Please Note: For best printing results select Layout: Landscape and turn off headers and footers in your printing options.
  • Once you have printed signs for each of your groups you can hang them at the appropriate entrances, or check in stations for students to use. 

Unexpected Student Check In: Once a student arrives and sees you Clear To Go! sign they will be able to use the QR code to send themselves screenings. 

  • To start the student will open the camera app on their smartphone, and view the QR code through the camera to scan it. Once scanned they will be prompted to open a Clear To Go! link. Please Note: All Apple phones, and most Android phones support QR reading through their camera app. For specific information on your device's ability to scan QR codes, please consult the manufacturer.
  • The student will be prompted to register their visit. Hitting "Register" will take them to a form to fill out their info.
  • Students will be prompted to fill in the student information listed above.
  • Once this information is submitted they will be taken to your organization's screening, and can answers questions as normal. This is also the point at which the Visitor's information will show up on your organizations "Roll Call" dashboard
  • When a student passes a screening they will show as "Screened" on the "Roll Call" dashboard allowing the user managing student athletes to check them in.