Sometimes an administrator will want to remove an employee/student from screening and notifications but keep them in the system. This can be done using the import feature by placing TRUE in the removed column in a CSV file or from the Employee/Student Page.

Deactivating from the Employee/Student Record

You can deactivate a students/employees using the import function. Export your users. Edit the removed column with TRUE. Then import your file.  

Or you can deactivate individually:

1. Find the record in question and select Edit.

2. Select Deactivate This Employee

3. You will be asked if you are sure, click OK.

Viewing Deactivated Users

Once they are deactivated they will only show up in deactivated list. This list can be accessed by selecting View Deactivated from the lower right of the Students/Employees page.

Reactivating a User

You can reactivate a students/employees using the import function. Export your deactivated users. Edit the removed column with FALSE. Then import your file. 

Or you can reactivate individually:

1. Navigate to your Deactivated list of users.

2. Find the user in question and click Edit.

3. Select Reactivate This Employee on the bottom.

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