Screening Schedules is the tool you will use to set schedules for your users, so that they will be notified when it is time to screen.

Adding a Schedule

1. To start setting your screening schedule click on your name at the top right of the screen and select Settings

2. Then select Screening Schedules:

3. Click Add Schedule:

4. Give this Schedule a name. In this example below we will schedule all Employees to get a notification at 7:00 AM Monday through Friday.

In the example below, we will schedule the Employees that are grouped into the 3rd Shift Group at 9:00 PM Monday through Friday. We added a Rule that will only notify Employees that have the Group 3rd Shift assigned to them:

Notice: In the first example labeled Employee Daily Screening, all employees will be notified including the 3rd shift Employees. This may not be desired. Grouping your Employees and Scheduling your Employees appropriately may need to be done to achieve the desired Screening Schedule for all users. More on Groups

  • Set Screening Time / Time Zone to the desired time you want notifications to be sent.
  • Set Days Active to select which days the notification will be sent.
  • Select Create Schedule to save the schedule. Once saved you will see your schedule in the list on the Screening Schedules page.

Notice: The Notified column will show the count of how many notifications will be sent. If this number is lower or higher than expected, double check the Rules on the schedule. Also check that the desired users are assigned Locations and Groups appropriately to reflect the schedule.

Adding Rules

Select Add Rule to set the rules that determine which employees get notified to screen. 

  • You will be prompted to select a Property. This determines the criteria of your screening group. It can be set based on any of the employee information on the Employees page:

  • Next you will be prompted to select or type in Matches. This will be what the system will search for within that criteria.
  • For example, if you want to alert everyone at a certain location. You set Property to Locations, and in Matches you click the checkbox for that Location. Any employee associated to that Location will be notified at the appointed screening time. This can be done for any of the employee information fields.

Please Note: Creating multiple rules within the same schedule is additive, only employees that fit all the criteria will be notified. For example, if a user creates two rules, one that notifies based on first name: John, and another that notifies based on a Location: Michigan, the system would notify people named John, that are associated with the Michigan Location.

For properties that prompt you to fill in the text, you can separate your text with the vertical bar key "|". For example, if I wanted to notify employees based on a list of first names I would select the property First Name and type "John|Jane|Larry". Once saved in the system you will see that the rule is set to notify "John or Jane or Larry".

Select Insert then Update/Create Schedule

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