1. Navigate to the Employees page. 

2. Select the Add Employee button

3. Complete the form with all pertinent information:

  1. Email
  2. First Name
  3. Middle Name
  4. Last Name
  5. Employee ID
  6. Badge ID
  7. Title
  8. Cell phone
  9. Office Phone
  10. Address
  11. Role (more info Roles)
  12. Shift
  13. Work Status & Presence
  14. Assign Location(s)
  15. Primary Location
  16. Assign Group(s)

Please Note: Not all fields need to be populated. The minimum required fields that must be populated are First Name, Last Name, Role, Location and a unique identifier: one of Employee ID, Cell Phone, or Email. 
Also Note: If neither Cell Phone or Email or provided, the only way for a user to receive daily notifications to screen is to use the mobile app. 

4. Select Create Employee.


5. Once added, if the employee is given a Role above a Basic role, the employee will be invited to begin using CTG. They will get an email with a link that allows them to create a password for the website.

This employee can now download the app from their device's App Store by searching "Clear to Go" or using this help document. Basic employees do not get an invitation to create a password. Basic employees only screen and have no access to the website.

Please Note: Once all your seats are filled you will not be able to add more employees unless you Deactivate an employee. To add more seats, you can increase your number via the Billing page (under Settings) or contact support@cleartogo.co for enterprise accounts.

Questions? Email us at support@cleartogo.co